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You have been looking for the most sophisticated location safety data to integrate into your processes, products, and services? Use AVA to build and deploy solutions that can really make a difference.

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Deep data for a safe world.

Finally, you can make use of sophisticated location safety information. Contact us for more information, deeper insight, and documentation, on how to enhance your project with real-life safety data.

Baseline Safety Status

Gather the Baseline Safety Status for a given location, geographic coordinate or area as a normalized score.

Incident Stream

Gather reported and cleared events and incident details for a given timeframe, location, geographic or area with or without media-asset access.

Real-Time Safety Status

Gather the Real-Time Safety Status for a given location, geographic coordinate or area are as a normalized score.

Contextual Scoring

Gather the current and present Contextual Safety Score for a given user-group, user, connected client, or mobile asset as a normalized score.

Predictive Risk Scoring

Gather the Predictive Risk (Probability) for a given location, geographic coordinate or area as a normalized score.

Behavioral Guide

Gather behavioral advice for a given location, geographic coordinate or area. You can also request contextual advice in regards to the location.

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What meteorology is for the weather, AVA is for safety.

There are so many great ideas for a safe world and there is still so much left to build. Get creative and let’s make it real, together.

Urban Mobility

“Do you wish to take the regular or the safer route. The latter is a bit longer and therefore a bit more expensive. But it’s definitely safer.”

Travel Booking

“I want our hotel to have at least 4-stars, a heated pool, a spa and free wifi. Oh, and the area should have a top safety rating.”


“What is the best way to get from here to there, while circling around the area around the main station? They say, it’s a bit edgy there.”


“This area is known for vandalism against luxury sedans. It would be better to park a couple of blocks away in the parking garage.”

Breaking News & Media

“Breaking News: Our data shows panic in downtown. An active shooter. We will be reporting live as soon as we have someone on-site.”


“We changed your daily delivery route, so you’re finished with your eastern section before the football game begins. They expect riots.”

Real Estate

“I think it’s only fair to ask for an increased price per square-foot, considering the constantly high safety of the neighborhood.”

High Frequency Trading

“Civil unrests have been going on for weeks and are to extend into the area where ACME’s largest suppliers have their factories. Short ACME!”

Smarter Homes

“Hi owner, it’s your house. Massive police presence has been reported next street. Do you want me to shut down all window-rollers?”

Smarter API’s for a safer world.

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Up to a limited number of requests per day our basic data API is for free.
Commercial Use
Solutions, processes, products and services in commercial context.
Public Sector
You are creating solutions for cities, governments and public bodies.
Approved charities and civil initiatives are invited to apply for free API access.

Engineered for deep integration with every platform.

At AVA, we are all about collaboration and sharing. Our philosophy on integration is to make your work as simple and effortless as possible. That way, you can focus on envisioning and realization of your greatest ideas for a safe world. Apply for early access to AVA’s Application Programming Interfaces and be amongst the first to start creating solutions, products, and services for a safe world.

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