Safety is not about luck. It’s about having the right information at the right time.

Your location

AVA monitors the safety of your current location. And whenever something dangerous happens, you'll get alerted: Your extra-time for a right decision.

Your personality

You are special. That is why you can configure AVA to monitor your location for specific risks based on your gender, religion, skin color, and orientation.

Your people

See all your friend's and family's safety status at a single glance. And if something relevant happens, you'll know and can reach out instantly.

Your community

Report incidents with a simple finger tap. So everyone in your area is aware when something suspicious or dangerous is about to happen.

Your places

It has never been so simple to keep track of the safety of all the places you care about. You can even connect your smart home hardware.

Your privacy

AVA adopted the ``privacy by design`` principles and complies with the most strict EU regulations in terms of data privacy, safety and protection.

Always there and aware: The smart assistant for your guardian angel.

Life should be fun and full of exciting surprises. But sometimes these surprises can be negative or even dangerous. What then seems to happen out of bad luck or unfortunate coincidence is often just a lack of information. AVA provides this information straight on to your smartphone when you need it most. That is more relieve for your mind and less risk for you and your loved ones.

For your everyday city-life.

For travelers and tourists.

For parents and families.

For kids and teenagers.

For expatriates.

Apply for early access

Apply for the exclusive AVA Beta Ambassadors Program.

In order to meet the increasing demand for AVA, we are currently optimizing for scale, speed, and even greater precision. If you don’t want to wait for AVA to be available to the public, you can apply for our exclusive Beta Ambassadors Program and get early access. You will not only maximize your safety but also join a global community on a mission to create a safe world.

Apply for early access
As a Beta Ambassador, you and up to five people of your choice are entitled to a life-long premium account. Learn about it on the application page.

Embracing positivity.

Our human brains have a natural bias towards negative news. Whenever something potentially dangerous happens around us, we can not help but become aware of it. This helped our ancestors to detect danger to their families and tribes. But when in these ancient times “around us” meant what was in eyesight or within the boundaries of what the ears could hear, today’s digital media enhanced human capabilities: Our senses have no more limits and “around us” is literally everywhere around the world. Now, “breaking news” and even “fake news” from all over the world crash straight into our lifes, turning our originally protective human trait against us. AVA is like a spam filter against this overwhelming and ever increasing stream of negativity. And while reducing cognitive load by filtering what is irrelevant to our individual safety, AVA allows for better reaction and best decision making, only raising awareness for those risks and incidents of true relevance.


AVA. All is good.