A smarter data platform to meet your growing responsibilities.

This new, connected world is complex: Increasing amounts of data meet growing expectations as for efficiency and effectiveness. AVA is for those who take responsibility for the safety and security of their people, organizations, cities, and societies and helps them to obtain control of this complexity, save cost and deliver better results.

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“AVA is ten years ahead of anything currently available in our industry!”

General Manager of a leading security advisory firm

AVA for Businesses.

Business needs continuity. In addition, executives and safety decision makers have to comply with regulatory requirements, in many cases not just as for their own staff, business travelers, and expatriates, but also as for their customers and consumers. In all of these cases, it is crucial to have full situational awareness and the right information at the right time. This is exactly what AVA’s turnkey solutions for businesses are about. Request your demo to learn how easy and affordable it can be to deploy deep data and turn your business into a safe business.

Global Corporations



AVA for Locations.

Traditional on-site surveillance systems miss a lot of important information layers crucial to provide context, control, and full situational awareness. With AVA, both fixed and temporary locations can close this dangerous gap. Our cloud-based control room interfaces and dashboards can be deployed within hours. Dedicated mobile apps connect the on-site security staff and allow for fast, reliable and error-free communication. Even direct communication with visitors is possible. Suspicions and incidents are detected earlier, and whenever necessary, evacuation measures can be orchestrated without delay and friction.

Public Spaces

Nightlife and Entertainment

Airports and Train Stations

Schools and Universities

Sports and Music Events

Large Buildings

Travel and Hospitality

AVA for Public Safety.

Ensuring public safety has always been a tough job. But with the dramatic shifts in demographics and ever-increasing risks to our communities and societies, the challenge is bigger than ever. Connected data seemed to be an answer, but so far, these technologies could not deliver on their big promises and remained unattainable for public budgets. AVA is here to change this, now. Created with the support of some of the world’s leading cities, law enforcement, and resilience specialists, our cloud platform is not only complete but affordable, easy to deploy, secure, and reliable.

Cities & Communities

Blue Light Organizations

Public Transportation

Tourism Boards

Civil Protection


Deep data. Rich features. Full awareness. AVA for professionals.

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