Ready to meet your challenges.

With AVA, you can monitor and protect the people, places, organizations, buildings, assets, and things that are most valuable to you. Access our data-streams, explore our turnkey product ecosystem or get in touch with us to explore the unprecedented opportunities that a bespoke solution may hold for you.

AVA for Professionals.

You are responsible for the safety of your organization, community, city, buildings, critical infrastructure or public spaces: With AVA’s turnkey data operations center for professionals, you gain full situational awareness at unprecedented accuracy, safety, and speed.

AVA for Developers.

Are you looking for a fast and reliable way to integrate statistical, real-time and predictive location safety data into your decision-making processes, your products, and your services? With AVA’s Safety Data Platform and our standardized integration interfaces, you will make it happen with ease.

AVA for Individuals.

AVA’s mobile applications and services work for individuals, families, tourists, travelers, commuters, and all those, who want to take responsibility for their own and their loved ones safety. Smart personalization features allow AVA to seamlessly integrate with each user’s individual life.

AVA for your specific requirements.

You have a smart idea – and together, we will make it happen. Our chosen partners and our teams of experienced project managers, safety experts, designers, data scientists, and engineers are all about delivering on time, on budget and way beyond your expectation on quality.