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Product Features


Modular Interface.

What you use AVA for will depend on your industry sector and the nature of your business. That’s why we designed a modular interface that’s easily navigated and can be adapted to suit not just your business’ needs but also your individual analysts’ areas of focus.

Interest Sets.

Our customizable ‘Interest Sets’ help individual users to create tailored information feeds that only surface the specific topics that interest you. AVA AI learns what is relevant to you, building the value of each “Interest Set” over time. No more time wasted searching through hundreds of different security data sources. All the information you need to make urgent security decisions, right at your fingertips.


Maps and Layers.

Our advanced information layers and mapping functionality helps to give analysts an enhanced situational awareness, allowing them to effortlessly manage their daily safety operations or who coordinate security personnel in the field.

Deep data analysis.

AVA is pioneering the use of natural language processing (NLP) to help our users collect large-scale data that is at the same time of high quality, relevant and actionable. Security teams that were only using a fraction of the usable information in their data sources can finally gain the competitive advantages that were hidden in the depths of unstructured data.