Determined and passionate.

AVA emerged in 2014, driven by the strong will to make a real and substantial difference in the world through technology. Today, a passionate world-class team with the proven ability to execute on big challenges, combines purpose, impact, and unprecedented economic potential to make our rousing vision become a reality: A safe world.


The team behind AVA.


AVA works towards a safe world. To get there, we attract and retain the best talent and professionals. Together, we learn, grow, innovate, experiment, and move at a fast pace. Both in Berlin and Novi Sad, you’ll find the creative minds, the curious personalities, the conscious thinkers, and the progressive leaders, which chose to take on a greater responsibility. Meet the people, who are not just fun to work with but who are ambitious and determined to solve some of the biggest challenges of our times.

The work environment at AVA is an expression of our culture and is driven by our common values and vision. This environment forms the foundation on which our people shape the future. It is a place, where seasoned experts and leaders have the unique opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience for the greater good and where ambitious talents and young professionals can take their skills to a whole new level. A truly collaborative environment with the freedom to be oneself.

The teams and people at AVA do not just create technologies, products, and services. They shape a new, better future for everyone. If you want to become part of our mission, we want to get to know you as well: Take a look at our job opportunities.

Sascha Knopp.

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder.


Sascha Knopp (42) is an award winning senior-level executive with vast experience in creating and scaling digital technologies and businesses. He is a recognized and sought after expert for setting up, optimizing and growing teams, business architectures, and organizational structures to enable and manage fast growth of technology-driven businesses.

Bridging the worlds of business, psychology, and digital technology Sascha led the transformation of some of the best-known consumer focussing businesses. Before founding AVA, he digitized the complete strategy and operations of one of Europe’s largest consumer brands, amounting for new revenue streams and significant cost savings.

Throughout the years, Sascha held various leadership roles at Otto Group, EDS Itellium, Hewlett Packard, and Fressnapf/Maxizoo. Sascha is also a founding member of the Neon Bridges Consortium, a foundation working for the good of humanity through the use of exponential technologies. Here, he initiated and ran a successful digital consulting and transformation practice serving world-leading organizations, spanning all sectors and markets.

He studied at the Universities of Hamburg and Lueneburg and holds a university degree in Economics and Computer Science. In 2014, he joined an advanced executive program at Warwick Business School on Predictive Data Science.

At AVA, Sascha’s responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer are spanning all aspects of formal management, organizational leadership, team development, strategy, and operations. He defines the technological vision and product roadmap of AVA. Together with Aleksandar Stojanovic, Sascha holds the majority stake in the company.

Aleksandar Stojanovic.

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder.


Aleksandar Stojanovic (42) is a serial entrepreneur, corporate executive and expert for innovation in regulated markets and complex industries.

He started his first venture at the young age of 17 and sold it three years later to the Bertelsmann Group. In 2001, after an academic phase and some „real jobs“, Aleksandar incorporated his next idea to create mobile applications for the first wave of Java-enabled smartphones. Less than a year later, Japanese computer game giant Namco (Bandai) acquired his company.

End of 2002, Aleksandar founded the digital strategies and technology firm Digital District. When French Publicis Groupe acquired the market-leading company in 2010, Aleksandar continued in his role as global CEO to Digital District.

In parallel, he was assigned additional leadership roles within various Publicis entities, such as a General Manager to Razorfish, where he focussed on regulated markets. Aleksandar left the Publicis Groupe in 2014 to initiate the Neon Bridges Consortium, a foundation and closed circle of innovators, angel investors and chosen global corporations, envisioning and initiating ideas, projects, and ventures at the intersection of human life and exponential technologies.

His natural talents have been formally shaped at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Singularity University, Institute of Design at Stanford and Warwick Business School. He is an active contributor to the German Stifterverband, the X Prize Foundation, and the Aspen Institute in Germany.

At AVA, Aleksandar’s responsibilities span from business and partnership development to opportunity scouting, long term strategy planning, fundraising and investor relations. Next to CEO Sascha Knopp, he is the second major shareholder in AVA while additionally managing the minority stake of the Neon Bridges Consortium in AVA.