Deep data for a safe world.

AVA combines big data, distributed computing, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence to take the safety of individuals, organizations, businesses, cities, and countries to a whole new level. All over the world, AVA’s customers, partners, and users can rely on our patent-pending data platform and service ecosystem to protect what matters most to them.


A safe world.


To enable individuals, organizations and societies to make the best-informed, safety-related decisions.

What we do.

AVA monitors mass volumes of data from multiple sources to calculate a location safety and risk score. Covering categories such as crime, fire, terrorism, natural and industrial disasters, defense, and health, the statistical, present and predictive risk for any given location is computed, in real-time. As a result, AVA is capable of monitoring the safety and risk status of individuals, staff, buildings, mobile assets and even entire organizations. Contextual analysis personalizes alerts and advice based on attributes such as gender, age, nationality, and orientation.

Why we do it.

People tend not to think or talk about safety – unless it is at risk. Then, all of a sudden, everything else seems to become irrelevant. That is because safety is embedded in every little aspect and decision of our lives: Where we choose to build our homes, which school we send our children to, where we park our cars, which destinations we travel to and where we conduct our business. In fact, safety is the single most significant concern to every human and the basic layer on which our lives, families, organizations, and societies are built upon. AVA exists so we can live our lives without fear and constant cognitive stress. Silently operating in the background, AVA senses the world to protect us and the people, places, buildings and things we do care about. And just in the case of emerging risks or relevant incidents, AVA makes us aware and provides advice. So we can enjoy our lives with less negative distraction while gaining the extra-time to make the right decisions when it really matters.


Human first. No matter, how advanced and progressive our technologies, systems, methods, and algorithms may become, AVA is and will always be a deeply human endeavor.

Responsible. Our decisions can be of existential relevance to our partners, customers, and users. Our culture, as well as our processes, reflect this special responsibility.

Sustainable. In order to achieve our goals, we need independent access to resources. This is best achieved by creating technologies, solutions, services, and products of immediate value and relevance to our users and customers and – as a result – by being profitable. Economic success and social impact are two sides of the same equation.

Privacy by design. We are not amongst those claiming that the appropriate price for one’s safety is one’s privacy. Complying with the most strict regulation and legislation on data protection and privacy, AVA is setting new benchmarks in the world of big data and information.

Biased towards action. In our post-factual age, story and presentation sometimes seem to have more value than substance. But when it comes to personal and public safety, there is neither room for “failing forward” nor for a “fake it, until you make it” mentality. While we refuse to make promises we can not fulfill, our partners, customers and users can rely on what we commit to.

Behaviors matter. In a world that tightly connected, values matter more than ever. One unthoughtful act can destroy billions in shareholder value, inspire millions to try a new product, disrupt industries or even spark a revolution among customers or employees. We believe that aligning behaviors to sustainable, human values and conducting business with integrity are therefore the key to and deliver maximum performance and long-term value.

Embracing positivity.

Our human brains have a natural bias towards negative news. Whenever something potentially dangerous happens around us, we can not help but become aware of it. This helped our ancestors to detect danger to their families and tribes. But when in these ancient times “around us” meant what was in eyesight or within the boundaries of what the ears could hear, today’s digital media enhanced human capabilities: Our senses have no more limits and “around us” is literally everywhere around the world. Now, “breaking news” and even “fake news” from all over the world crash straight into our lives, turning our originally protective human trait against us. AVA is like a spam filter against this overwhelming and ever increasing stream of negativity. And while reducing cognitive load by filtering what is irrelevant to our individual safety, AVA allows for better reaction and best decision making, only raising awareness for those risks and incidents of true relevance.

AVA. All is good.