AVA is always fully aware. So you don’t have to be.

Monitoring mass volumes of data from multiple sources, AVA calculates the statistical, present and predictive safety and risk for your and any other given location. Covering categories such as crime, terrorism, natural forces, industrial disasters, and health it is really like meteorology for safety, laying the ground for new and world-changing solutions, unimaginable before.

Be ahead of time.

With AVA's patent-pending predictive scenario scoring, you can anticipate risks and the most likely future for faster and more precise decisions.

See what matters.

Safety is subjective and what seems to be a risk to one person, is normality to the other. That is why AVA is designed to understand context at its deepest level.

Focus on your world.

No matter where you are: Berlin, London, Manila, Lagos, Caracas, or Rio. AVA is there with you, always aware and ready to support.

Go deeper. Reach farther.

AVA integrates, enriches, and analyzes structured and unstructured data of any kind and source to extract insights, correlation, and causation.

Deploy Artificial Intelligence.

Let AVA handle the heavy lifting: Super-intelligent algorithms, smart engines, and easy-to-grasp interfaces, consciously engineered to put your needs first.

Choose values.

AVA implements the highest ethical standards and complies with the most strict EU regulations on privacy, data protection, and systems security.


Superior technology for security professionals.

Driven by a whole new mindset and approach to technology, AVA created the most capable cloud computing solution for security professionals: With its rich set of features and smart assistants you have the power at your hands to make a real impact, gain impressive results and simply do your job better than ever.

AVA for Professionals

Risk intelligence data for your smarter services, products, and processes. 

With AVA’s complete stack of Application Programming Interfaces, developers can now enrich their processes, products, services, websites, and apps with context-enabled location safety data. Explore our exemplary use cases and learn about the smart ideas for a safe world, that can now finally be realized with AVA.

AVA for Developers

On a fast track to a solution, perfectly meeting your needs.

Together, we will envision and implement the features and interfaces you have been waiting for. Thanks to our reliable project-framework, powerful data platform, modular architecture, and ready-to-run libraries, you can expect high-quality and swift deployment, with minimum effort.

AVA for your purpose

Relieve your mind. AVA is there for you and always aware.

AVA’s mobile app for iOS and Android is the smart assistant for your guardian angel. You can live your life, while AVA watches over your safety to provide you with alerts and guidance whenever necessary. Personalize your experience and connect with the people, places and things you really care about. Make your world the safest of all times.

AVA for individuals